Retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures

Jul 02, 2020


Turn your backyard into an oasis with our elegantly designed retractable pool, spa and patio enclosures.


Have you ever wondered how you can create your backyard into summer paradise? We did quite a few years ago and voi-la – we have come up with custom build pool enclosures, spa enclosures and patio enclosures that will fit your property perfectly.


Our pool enclosures allow you to extend your season or swim year round. Slide the retractable enclosure behind the pool and enjoy swimming in the open air.


The enclosures have childproof locking system, they blocks harmful UV radiation by polycarbonate panels and offers proven system of flat, low laying, and slip resistant tracks


Added Value


The polycarbonate panels act like a greenhouse. Direct exposure to the sun’s rays or, on cloudy days, the effect of diffused rays warms the air within the enclosure. At night or on cooler days the heat of the enclosed atmosphere is gradually lost.


At the start of the season the water temperature in an unheated pool rises a bit each day when exposed to direct sunlight.


The water temperature also rises on cloudy days even when there is no direct sun.


Evaporation of water from the pool leads to loss of heat. Depending on the temperature difference between the water and the air  many gallons of water may be lost each day. With an enclosure, the water surface is isolated from the external atmosphere, which slows down the evaporation from the pool. (Technically speaking, the thermal gradient is decreased.)  This saves money by using less water and less heat.


An effective additional method of reducing water evaporation is to spread a solar bubble or foam covers over the water surface. Solar bubbles directly exposed to sun and frost are not durable and become dirty easily. But when they are used under an enclosure they perform their function very well. The combination of a bubble or a foam enclosure is a highly successful way of reducing water heating costs.


The use of a suitable heat retention cover is strongly recommended to reduce evaporation, which is the cause of condensation.


If you get too warm inside, just slide the movable segments back and in a few moments you will be swimming in the open air.


Benefits of a Pool Enclosure


There are numerous benefits to having a pool enclosure. In addition to the convenience of being able to use your pool all year, there is also added privacy and protection from debris. These reasons make it a great addition to any pool.


Debris can be an annoyance to remove from your pool. It can take an hour or more to scoop leaves, dirt, and other things that may have blown into your pool, especially if you have a large pool. If your pool were enclosed, you would spend less time cleaning debris. You will also use much less chemicals since your pool with remain cleaner and clearer for longer periods of time. Less debris means less chemicals in your pool.


Another advantage of having an enclosed pool is an added layer of security to your home. Many enclosures include a lockable gate or door. This can keep intruders, as well as unwanted wildlife from entering onto your property. Keep your children safe with an enclosure as well. You may want to install an audible alarm on your gate to stay informed of entry or exit to your pool. Keep little ones safe from drowning by researching pool enclosures.



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Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC

Pool & Spa Enclosures, LLC sells and installs Retractable Enclosures for swimming pools, spas, patios and entertainment areas that are exported around the world to over 40 countries.

Our diversity of models and product uniqueness are characterized by excellent quality, reliability, design innovation and ease of use.  The elegant, modern and durable enclosures we offer allow homeowners and businesses to convert outdoor space into an indoor paradise within minutes.

The ability to extend the season or swim all year and reduced maintenance time and cost are some of the many benefits of owning a retractable enclosure.

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