LeakTronics To Showcase New Leak Detection Technology At the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo

Jul 01, 2020


Leaktronics, the worldwide leader in leak detection equipment manufacturing and training, will be showcasing new technology at the International Pool and Spa Expo at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center in Las Vegas, Nov 8th through Nov 13th, 2020. Visit LeakTronics booth to see the latest equipment for precision leak detection from LeakTronics Research and Development team.


For more than a decade, LeakTronics has designed and manufactured the most innovative listening equipment in the leak detection market. With equipment designed for modern swimming pool and plumbing industries, LeakTronics has improved equipment that's been recycled through other distributors for years. Modern designed pool and plumbing equipment requires updated listening technologies, and at the international Pool, Spa and Patio Expo, LeakTronics will showcase the company's trusted standards, as well as new additions to their product line.


Some items, new to this year’s Expo, will include the Push Mic, with its flexible capability to turn 90 degree elbows in pipes as small as 1+1/2 inches in diameter with ease and uses LeakTronics patented FLASH Technology to locate the mic head underground at the precise leak location. The Push Mic is the perfect piece of equipment to minimize invasive and destructive methods for pipe repair by putting the user directly on the area of the leak.


Attendees can learn about LeakTronics Leak Detection and Swimming Pool Inspection APP for iOS Devices. Free with LeakTronics training programs for the first year, the APP walks the user through a proper leak detection while notating all findings in a report that is delivered with a single button in the APP. Get through jobs faster, and deliver accurate and detailed results; the APP makes life easier.


The FLASH Stick is LeakTronics new 512 hz receiver and introduces a submersible wand that can listen for the FLASH Transmitter through pool walls from inside the water. No other receiver is recognized for its stability, functionality and capabilities, and it’s now included in the FLASH Kits from LeakTronics.


LeakTronics CEO Darren Merlob will have 2 speaking engagements at the International pool, Spa and Patio Expo. This includes a public presentation on the show floor, time and date TBA, and a classroom event that spans two hours and discusses Adding Leak Detection To Your Services, for business building and increasing corporate revenue.

All of this and more is in store for show attendees, and interested parties should contact LeakTronics directly to learn more about speaking engagements and show specials coming to the Expo. Call 818-436-2953 or email info@leaktronics.com for more information.


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LeakTronics is the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Swimming Pool and Plumbing Leak Detection Equipment and Certified Training. 

Manufactured entirely in house, LeakTronics brand equipment innovates the traditional tools and methods of Leak Detection with products designed to the technical aspects and durability required for working with modern day pool and plumbing equipment.

For locating above and below slabs, in cement, gunite, shotcrete, vinyl liners, in homes, pools, spas, fountains and any type of plumbing or vessel that carries water or fluid; LeakTronics equipment guarantees detection with precise and accurate results, every time.

Learn more today at https://leaktronics.com.

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