G02 - BUSINESS 432: Cost Estimating

Monday, November 4 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM « Back


Learning Objectives:

• Determine the correct markup and gross margin for your business using actual profit and
  loss financial data.
• Execute Watershape Advisor® Estimator software and implement software features to build 
  assemblies and produce accurate estimates with detailed reports for the client, suppliers,
  subcontractors, and accountant.
• Discuss payment schedule, cash flow, and construction contracts. Identify key factors to 
  maintain a consistent payment schedule for project fees.
• List methods for developing more accurate construction cost estimates and calculations 
  for items such as weight of reinforcing steel, volume of excavation, trenching, concrete, 
  and other details.

BUSINESS 232: Introduction to Cost Estimating outlines the basics but this 8-hour school gives you the tools and experience to generate accurate and detailed estimates quickly. This program challenges students to compute markup based on their own financials. Students will utilize the Watershape Advisor® Estimator software (valued at $1,100!), specifically developed by David Peterson for the watershaping industry, to elevate their cost analysis and client presentation while reducing exposure to certain liabilities. Students will use the database in-class to develop an estimate of a basic pool and spa so that they are proficient using the Estimator software for their own business whether it is for concrete, fiberglass, vinyl pools, outdoor living structures, or even work as a subcontractor. No personal financial data will be shared with the class.

Early Bird - $1,295 (Before 9/13) / After Cut-Off (After 9/13) - $1,495


Credits: 8 Hours | 0.8 IACET CEUs

Education Tracks: GENESIS® Education

Event Type: Conference Seminars > Session